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Friday - 14/06/2019 17:53

For those who do not want or do not have time to go to the Consulate General to apply the visa in person or do not want to apply by post, then they can apply for online express visa on the official website of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney: / /

Step 1: Please click to ONLINE EXPRESS VISA to fill the form online, upload the main page of the passport and portrait photo with white background. We use the google form to receive the form online, so you need to create a google account or use existing gmail address to access through online express visa; 

Step 2: After submitting the application form online, you could ring us in the office hours or wait until one of our staffs contact you via the phone to help you process the payment of the visa’s fee over the phone by credit card;

Step 3: After making the payment, loose-leaf visas (real visa) will be sent by express post to your address and you could receive the visa in 02 – 03 working days only.

Please note:

+ The online express visa will be valid for the purpose of tourism only.




- There has been a cluster of complaints from both Australian and foreign visitors that the online visa applications via unauthorized and/or untrustworthy websites cause a lot of inconvenience. Sometimes they can not board on the plane or be denied entry and pay a fine because of fake visas. For reasons as such, travelers and businesses to Viet Nam are strongly recommended to apply for the visas before departure. 


- Recently, Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney has received questions from Australian citizens and Vietnamese citizens about does the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney has the right to issue visas, passports, birth certificates and other consular documents? In this regard, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, with consular district covering New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, would like to confirm that we have full consular functions including issuing all types of visas as well as all other consular documents for foreigners and Vietnamese citizens.




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